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Taking the NCLEX!

Wow...the pressure, the panic...You've successfully survived the combination boot camp and parochial grade school experience called Nursing School. Now, just when you thought it was safe to breath, your entire world, career, and self image hinges on a single (hopefully) short test. No pressure there, eh? In ancient times, the NCLEX (which as we all know really stands for Nightmarishly Crazed Licensure Exam) was given in a public arena with about a thousand of your closest nursing school friends. Now, thanks to technology, it is given via computer with a simply confusing scoring system. This is done so that you can enjoy your insecurities and fears that much sooner. But never fear, the Cybernurses have faith in you. The whole key (according to Nursing Instructors everywhere) is to do practice questions and review. And they're right. So spend your brief respite from clinicals answering practice questions and reviewing. Don't worry, you'll do fine...

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