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Welcome to the Cybernurse Moderated Discussion List.

You must join to participate, and it a discussion list for nursing and related issues. In a word, Spamfree. From time to time we will email that the website has been updated or other important info related to the practice of nursing.

Although the Cybernurses are good (really good), there are some things we just cannot manage (although Ave has been reading "Clarvoyance for Dummies") So here are some things not to expect of the Cybernurse Discussion List...

  • We cannot e-mail you your NCLEX results
  • Send you a copy of your license
  • Get you a Monday thru Friday job that pays $70,000 a year
  • Track down your long lost Nursing School friends
  • Find you a mate
  • Fix your computer
  • Tell you what that (insert vague symptom) in your (insert body part) means
  • Get you your license in another state
  • Help you get your Nursing Degree without going to school
  • Did I mention don't ask us to mail you your NCLEX results?
What you can expect from the list:
  • Professional discussions about relevant topics in nursing and related professions
  • Interesting debates without "name calling"
  • Answers to questions regarding professional practice
  • Point you in the right direction for licensing information
  • Discuss problems that avail themselves in everyday practice, and some that don't happen too often.
  • Share knowledge from a vast, diverse group of nurses
  • Share the occasional joke or two
  • Discuss hobbies (I hear Ave is making a sub-forum for fishing)
  • Relevant information from nurses around the world
  • A place to interact with peers from around the world
  • People that understand what you go through in your day to day profession
  • A place where no question will go unanswered (no matter how long it takes Ave to use her ESP or JT to use his telepathy)
  • In general, a nice place to point your mouse at
Moderated means that all posts are reviewed by our list administrators (Ave, JT and Jim) to eliminate unwanted advertising, inappropriate posts (i.e. smut) and generally annoying trash. This allows for discussion of many things nursing in a friendly, easy to use manner. We are not seeking to censor posts, just make the discussions interesting and meaningful. A little controversy and debate is welcome, but we reserve the right to exclude:
  • Trolls (messages posted to incite arguments)
  • Smutty topics
  • Any of the above mentioned impossible tasks
  • Unwanted or unsolicited advertisements (SPAM)
  • Raw hostility without at least logical discussion
  • General whining (although specific whining may be rewarded with commiseration and support)
  • Stupidity (and we reserve the right to define this broadly)

If you've gotten this far, you must be really interested.

Here's how it works:
  • You must sign up for the list with a valid e-mail on the Subscribe page and fill in the required information.
  • When you've subscribed you will recieve instructions on how to confirm your subscrption as well as your password to change your own preferences to suit your needs.
  • That's all there is to it...not so bad eh?
Oh...one more thing...keep in mind that anything you post to the list is sent to ALL members, so if its personal, send it only to that person.

OK....Join the Cybernurse Moderated Discussion List
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