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CEU Resources
After you've worked your gluteals off to get your RN, it seems only right that you try and keep up to date in a field that seems to change on a weekly basis. New drugs come out, more high tech treatments and devices appear in your workplace, and your already full brain tries desperately to keep up. CEU's (Continuing Education Units) are one way to keep your knowledge base current. Some states also require CEU's on specific content (e.g. Domestic Violence, HIV etc) to maintain licensure. If you haven't already, check with your State Board and find out. While you're there, get a copy of your Nurse Practice Act just because you should.

Links to assist you in your practice
  • MediLexicon - The world's largest online database of medical, pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical abbreviations - over 57,000. Free to use. Directory of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy faculties, government health departments, healthcare job agencies, scientific articles (30 million), scientific conferences database.
  • Epocrates on the iPhone
  • Epocrates.com - This is a great reference if you own a handheld device that uses the Palm OS.. It has a drug reference, sorta a mini PDR and you can also use it to profile a list Of drugs for interactions. One of the Residents where I work, turned me on to this. And amazingly the download is free for the regular version and will update when you Hotsync your handheld and are connected to the internet.
Maintaining your CEU's (be sure the courses you take are approved by the state you practice in, and that the expiration date is appropriate)

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