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You might be wondering how we find all these links..Sometimes, Webmasters from sites email me with their link, we look them over and see if they might be useful for our visitors. Others sites are submitted by Health Care Professionals, and some are found just in general web surfing.

If you wish to submit a link, please send the url, a little info on your organization and some contact information. If your wondering why your link wasn't placed on the latest update, you probably didn't send this information.

According to some program that reads all the log files and computes the number of visitors, we have had 5.5 million visitors to Cybernurse.com over the last few years.

These links to other web sites have been reviewed, and on the day they were posted, they were deemed informative and appropriate information for our visitors. When you leave the domain of cybernurse.com we cannot guarantee the quality or the integrity of the site you will access. If you have difficulty viewing any of the pages within cybernurse.com, we would like to hear from you. Please report to us any link that you feel is outdated, inappropriate or offensive and we will re-evaluate the link. The information contained in the pages of cybernurse.com, is offered for informational purposes only, and is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians or other health care professionals.

We welcome your feedback, Thanks for stopping by!
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